Our History

NASTEC Security Services & Training started trading in February 1993 and is situated in Umbilo Durban in KZN. The company’s main business is providing training in the aspects of the use of Firearms for Lawful Purposes and the Training of Security Officials in all the legislated aspects of Security and Protection.

NASTEC is a highly respected and one of the oldest existing Psira/SASSETA accredited Security firearms and tactics training academy and the 1st accredited in South Africa in Firearms Training with Duly Processed Course Reports. All our Instructors/Trainers are SASSETA accredited from Assessors to Moderators and Verifiers. Our Training is guaranteed to stand you in good stead inclusive of [RPL] that is, Recognition of Prior Learning in terms of competency based learning. At NASTEC we have and always will, put you, the learner and your Education first.

What we are about


The mission of NASTEC is to equip the individual with all the basic and necessary skills to handle a firearm safely and to ensure that he or she becomes a Security/Close Protection Professional and a responsible firearm Owner/User.

Empower individuals with basic skills and knowledge that will equip them to be more employable and earn a sustaining income .

Train previously disadvantaged persons with the intention of empowering them and providing opportunities to improve their standard of Education and skills

Use Realistic and accredited training material to aid individuals to become responsible firearm users.

Train and empower Security Officials towards improving their skill and knowledge and producing more efficient service delivery.


The aim of NASTEC is to cultivate in the learner/employee a realization of his/her full potential through the supply of professional study materials, coaching and guidance that will enhance their skills and further develop their Life Skills and Careers in Security as well as their Lives in general.


To educate persons in the community to become responsible firearm owners and to educate persons in the security industry and to maintain the highest standard of training and ethics.

Our Offering

NASTEC offers a comprehensive selection of training courses in all aspects of Security/Basic/Defensive and Tactical Firearms Training as well as Close Protection/Events and Offensive-Defensive Driving .

Our Assessors/Instructors/Moderators are fully PSIRA & SASSETA accredited and are rated amongst the best in South Africa and our reputation for Integrity is Rock Solid. They provide only positive reinforcement coupled with friendly, constructive and corrective coaching to quickly build your skill, knowledge and confidence.

From the lectures to the shooting drills, to the live-fire tactical training simulations, NASTEC is structured to give you more than your money’s worth in training.

No other firearms training facility provides this level of comprehensive and user friendly instruction. See Course Descriptions for our detailed course offerings, and enroll via our website Course Application Form or contact NASTEC Security for scheduling and pricing.

We also have our own accredited SAPS / SAPS accredited shooting range where at a reasonable fee we offer ongoing post certification training and guidance to prepare our learners for any and all future upgrade courses.


  • SASSETA NO: 041945081467

  • SAPS NO: 4000048

  • PSIRA NO: 067150/93 T33

  • SABS NO: AZC 2004/271